♥ I want an appointment with you ,DOC !
Saturday, March 12, 2011
♥ posted at: 7:19 AM
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8 months..to me is a very long period,that's why I treasured it a lot.
Saranghae and thank you :)

And its finally school holiday,thank god exam's over.
Hope I can get good results :)
OH my,the result of eating too much sweet's and chocolate is that Decay monsters attacking my tooth again :(
I really hope that I can make an appointment tomorrow to see the dentist..
Poor tooth,sometimes I really regret on eating too much sweets...
Its really painful when you get a decay..especially on your front tooth :(
From now, I can say byebye to books and sit down and relax for a moment.
But ohoh..training starts..I really don't feel like going because I just feel like resting for the moment..
Though I admit it! :p
Wish me luck for my dentist appointment :)
And and and, I want a Nike school bag !!!


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