Saturday, February 26, 2011
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My whole senior life in A class is full of tests homework tests homework and of course STRESS !!
Can I just stop doing all this BULL SHIT!!!!
My hand is very soar and I'm very tired really tired of all the work.
Recess time for me isn't really a recess time, cause I still got to rush homework's that needed to be past up on that particular day. WTF!
Because of that, I cant really go find my friends and chit chat with them.
Exams coming soon,but WHAT DID I DO?? NOTHING!!! Just studied for my class test but how about the school examination.REALLY STRESS BOUT IT!!

Life is really boring and busy for me.
I really wanted to take a break,but unfortunately I cant.
Maths,teacher said that its going to be very hard.
WHAT????!!!! ._.

I really hate people who doesn't  consider for others who are weak in subjects..
Owhkay, you can say that I'm lazy,but I really tried very very hard.
Since entering senior 1 life,I'm really living in an abnormal life.
I'm not myself anymore,I'm a person without hope.

Stress really Fuck's me off!!
I need a rest.


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